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Business Class Flights to China

Traveling to China can be one of the most exciting journeys of your lifetime, as there is an amazing amount of ancient architectural wonders and modern landmarks, a wide variety of delicious traditional cuisine, and a staggering amount of entertainment in various forms. Our travel agents will be pleased to discuss all your sensational plans to Asia and showcase the best business class flights to China that anyone could offer.

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Planning an incredible adventure to China can be exhilarating, but it is hard to know where exactly to start since there are so many great activities and sightseeing opportunities. Any tourist's dream would naturally start with flying into Beijing for its incomparable history. Here, you can encounter the Forbidden City in Beijing's center, The Tiananmen and its famous Tiananmen Square, Tiantan Park, The Old Summer Palace, and the The Lugou Bridge just to name a few of the beautiful odes to eventful time periods. Right outside of Beijing, you can climb segments of the Great Wall of China which is an absolute must-do for anyone who visits China. At the same time, Hong Kong is a wonderful place if you are looking for overseas luxury shopping, spas and beauty salons, and entertainment. Essentially, this city is full of non-stop fun. You can visit Hong Kong’s own Disneyland, take a trip on the Star Ferry, admire Victoria Peak, laugh and play in Ocean Park, or wander the pleasant Nan Lian Garden. Furthermore, Shanghai is also a marvelous location especially if you enjoy arts and culture. There are plenty of galleries, museums, opera houses, and temples to tour in this vibrant city. Now that you have a diverse itinerary, you are ready to book your business class ticket to China! Get in touch with our travel agents to learn more about our fantastic prices and service options!

A flight to China, business class, should always include delicious meals, refreshing drinks, and efficient dining service. Our partnered Chinese airlines accomplish all of these important features in exemplary ways. First, you have the option to choose all your in-flight meal options preflight such that you never have to deal with last-minute choices. As an added bonus, pre-booking your meals allows you to choose from a wide array of options such as vegetarian meals, religious meals, healthy meals, and childrens meals. Second, in-flight cuisine can be just as appetizing as five-star Chinese restaurants due to collaborations with Michelin star chefs. You will receive colorful and fresh foods that are filled with flavor. Third, our partnered airlines will never delay on serving your meals; you will not need to wait for half your flight to be over before you are served a snack or a drink!

How much is business class to China?

The average cost of business class flights to China are quite expensive, however, our travel agents will be able to negotiate with airlines on your behalf to save you a significant amount of money. We can save you up to 60% off of regularly-priced airfare.

Where can I find business class deals to China?

If you book your business class to China with our travel agents, you will receive inexpensive flights that accommodate comfort, dining, and entertainment.

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