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Business Class to Zagreb

Zagreb, on the border of Croatia, is a significant transport hub for Central Europe, Southeastern Europe, and Mediterranean. For travelers, this means an abundance of markets, restaurants, museums, sports and entertainment spectacles, and high value accommodations. The city is also marked by Austro-Hungarian architecture, Gothic-style cathedrals, and beautiful parks filled with greenery and flowers. Whether you are looking for a slow and relaxing vacation, or a vibrant and engaging getaway, Zagreb offers the opportunity for both. Speak to one of our friendly travel agents today to learn more about traveling to this amazing destination and to receive incredible deals for business class to Zagreb.

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Many of our returning clients who have taken business class to Zagreb regularly remark upon the historical architecture, structures, and buildings. Admire the colorful St Mark’s Church, the spires of the Zagreb Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Assumption, Stone Gate. and Mirogoj Cemetery. Wander the cobbled streets of the old town of Kaptol and discover decorative squares, cafes, music, and food. Enjoy well-manicured outdoor areas such as Maksimir Park, Jarun Lake, or take a short ride outside the city to hike around Mount Medvednica. Learn about art and history at the Museum of Broken Relationships, Mimara Museum, the Croatian Museum of Naive Art, Zagreb 80's Museum, the Museum of Illusions, and other niche museums and galleries. After your adventures, be sure to quench your thirst and fulfill your hunger at some of the best restaurants in Croatia. Zagreb is particularly famous for its coffee, but its beer and wine culture are also thriving. You can also pick up some fresh fruit, vegetables, and pastries from lively markets or enjoy restaurant terraces in the gorgeous Croatian weather. Sounds too good to be true? Find out for yourself by booking business class to Zagreb.


When taking business flights to Zagreb, you will be pleasantly surprised by the exquisite cuisine. If you have ever been to the coast of Croatia, you will notice that airline chefs take most of their inspiration from their prominent foods. Indulge in fresh seafood, fish, pork, lamb, seasonally popular vegetables and fruits, and rice dishes. Naturally, you will have access to Croatia’s wonderful coffees, beers, and wines for refreshments on board.

Where can I find cheap business flights to Zagreb, Croatia?

When searching for cheap business flights to Zagreb, Croatia, look no further! Our TBC agents are standing by to make sure you receive up to 60% off business class deals.

Are there nonstop business class to Zagreb?

Our agents will always make sure we find the most convenient, shortest, or quickest flight plan for you. No matter where you are departing from, we can find you business class flights to Zagreb that suit your needs.

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